Rangehood Ducting Kits


For most people the best way to buy the ducting for their rangehood installation is by choosing the appropriate kit for the job, usually one for wall, soffit or roof. A good quality kit contains should contain you need for a standard installation such as those illustrated above. If your rangehood ducting requirements are not so straightforward the of course a kit is not for you and you'll have to buy individual parts.

Remember that ducting kits do not have to be brand specific so you are free to choose pretty much any brand that suits your budget and preference. But do remember to buy the correct size of kit for your rangehood (usually 125mm or 150mm). It would be acceptable to go bigger but never smaller.

A a ducting kit incorporating silencer or muffler will reduce significantly the noise generated by your rangehood. It is placed first in the ducting line directly attached to the rangehood where the air exits: the noisiest part. Ducting kits are available that incorporate a muffler, such as Rangehood Tamer.

Types Of Ducting Kits

For more information about the ducting kit type below that suits your kitchen, click the illustration below.

Wall Vent Ducting Kit

Wall venting is suitable for both rear vented and top vented rangehoods and canopies. Probably the simplest way to vent a rangehood mounted on an outside wall.

Roof Vent Ducting Kit

With no acute bends to cause back pressure, this is the most efficient way to vent a rangehood. Roof venting allows the rangehood to operate to its full capacity.

Soffit Vent Ducting Kit

Probably the most popular route for rangehood venting is through the soffit. It's a good route for the duct when the rangehood is on an inside wall as it's hidden in the loft.