Rangehood Silencer

Air duct silencers are commonly used in industrial and commercial settings to reduce the noise of blown air. Where fans are used to move air, especially fast moving air, noise is inevitable. A silencer placed in the air line, preferably as close to the fan outlet as possible, can reduce the noise effect by up to 50%. Not silencing it entirely but certainly making the environment quieter.

Rangehood Tamer

Suitable only for top-vent canopies, rangehood tamer incorporates a muffler to absorb and suppress noise from your rangehood. The muffler works similarly to that of the one on your car. It does not cause back pressure or any other adverse effects on your rangehood. Rangehood tamer is available for rangehoods with an outlet of 150mm. Choose Rangehood Tamer for a quieter kitchen.

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Wall Vent Ducting Kit

Wall venting is suitable for both rear vented and top vented rangehoods and canopies. Probably the simplest way to vent a rangehood mounted on an outside wall, it's simple to install and effective


Roof Vent Ducting Kit

With no acute bends to cause back pressure, this is the most efficient way to vent a rangehood. Roof venting allows the rangehood to operate to its full capacity by allowing the air free unrestriced passage.


Soffit Vent Ducting Kit

Probably the most popular route for rangehood venting is through the soffit. Taking the duct through the roof space makes it a good route for a rangehood on an inside wall as it's hidden in the loft.