Silent Rangehood Or Quiet Rangehood?

Can any rangehood be truly silent in operation? After all, there is an electric motor driving a fan to suck air through a filter and push it through the ducting. Every part of the operation prooduces inevitably noise. Removing the fan motor and installing it remotely would in theory make it silent you would think but the air entering through the filter and exiting from the constricted vent opening can be heard. In addition, even though the fan motor is somewhere else it's still making a noise that will travel back through the duct. Noise travels at 720mph, much faster that the air traveling through the duct.

Why are some rangehoods so noisy

Of course some rangehoods are quieter than others but they all consist basically of a noisy fan motor vibrating in a tin can. The noise of a rangehood originates with the fan motor of course it it's working hard to move air through the ducting to the outdside and this necessarily creates more noise. Any constriction or obstruction in the ducting will in crease back-pressure, make the motor work and vibrate harder and thus produce more noise. Even the best balanced fan motor will struggle and produce more noise if the duct installation isn't up to the task.

How Do You Stop The Racket?

There are various ways to reduce the noise:

Using a combination of the above steps will ensure that your rangehood installation will be as quiet as it can be.

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