Soffit Ducting Kit

Suitable for top-vented rangehoods and canopies when mounted on an inside or outside wall, the soffit kit is easy to install, discrete and effective. The duct cover hides the ducting when used with a canopy rangehood but if you use a freestanding rangehood with no duct cover you will need to hide or make acceptable in appearance, the exposed duct. A louvred vent provides the decorative outlet on the soffit. Try to avoid the use of flexible duct if at all possible, especially the floppy type as this less efficient and more noisy. Use semi-rigid aluminium duct in preference.

Louvred vent and semi-rigid aluminium duct


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Rangehood Tamer

Incorporating a muffler on top of the rangehood over the outlet (the noisiest part), thiese kits are the quietest ducting solutions you can buy. Rangehood Tamer is available for roof or soffit ducting


Roof Vent Ducting Kit

With no acute bends to cause back pressure, this is the most efficient way to vent a rangehood. Roof venting allows the rangehood to operate to its full capacity by allowing the air free unrestriced passage.


Wall Vent Ducting Kit

Wall venting is suitable for both rear vented and top vented rangehoods and canopies. Probably the simplest way to vent a rangehood mounted on an outside wall, it's simple to install and effective